Is TECHNOLOGY an issue?
We can help with the issues.
We want to make it streamlined.

Our Projects

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NextCloud Service

We help small business with GDPR cloud services. You can access anywhere with end to end encryption. It's similar to Google Suite. But your data is your data. Nothing is sold for company gains.

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Technology Planning

We schedule time to sit down and come up with a solution for your issues. There is no need for tech issues in your company. We have solutions to make technology invisible.

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Open Source Software

Open Source software is not a dream for us. We use open source software for everything. We contribute and support open source. Open Source software will not steal your data. That software has more developers and faster fixes then your proprietary software.

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Interim Management

We offer solutions on network, computer, and software. We have great rates on service. There is no job to small. We can assist from one camera or AP all the way up to a full installation. If you need support or maintenance contract.

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Strategic planning

We take all your thoughts in to affect. We create a time saving solution. Along with making technology a cure, not a problem. Time is money. We want that money to go to your employees, not tech issues.

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Web Hosting

Creating, maintaining, a website can be very costly. We at RDC Clouds, help the small business that can not afford to create a useful web site. Not a free website with banners all over. We work together to make it a great solution. Your company is involved through out the whole process.

Our Clients

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4D Testing Solutions
Trenton Graphics & Design